The King Thing

The King Thing

Book & lyrics – Colin Baker

Music – George Hastings

Produced by Jennifer Davies

Many years ago a great king, Goodegg the Wise, thought there should be a school where kings and queens learnt how to be good kings and queens. It was called ‘Kings’ College’. When kings and queens proved themselves worthy they were given a new title. They were called ‘Wise’. In order to become ‘Wise Men’ and Wise Women’ they were set a quest.

Kings, queens, princes, princesses and royal courtiers set off on their quest.

Our children performed a play which followed the quest of Kings Basil, Rex and Roy. On their travels they met up with a lady in a small village whose harvest had failed and there was very little food left. After helping the people of this village the three kings continued their quest and met a group of people with a disagreement.

After helping these people they followed a star to a stable where they found a baby had been born. They gave the baby all their gifts and then returned to King Goodegg to find out how they had done in their quest to become ‘Wise Kings’.