Year 4 – In Harmony

This half term the Brass Band have been working on Waltz time with Abigail. To do this we have been playing “Oom Pah Pah” together to feel the beat. We have also been concentrating on counting and how we count bars rest, testing this with backing tracks and counting rests at the beginning to come in at the right place.

This term the Wind Band with Katrina have been learning how to play new notes, and getting more confident with the ones we already knew. We have been learning how to read these on a stave, as well as learning how to count some new rests.

Peter and Jo are delighted with the progress in musical development of the String Ensemble!  The use of “So there” was used to ensure 1st position was always part of being ready to play. A pentatonic melody “climbing up the mountain” (named by a student,) was to add more notes to the hand position. Then the Grand old Duke, all notes of the major scale which the children have been learning this half term.

Year 4 Showcase Video