Year 2 – In Harmony

This term in the Seals we have been revising how to hold our instruments and identify our notes, after a long break in playing our instruments during lockdown! We have also been learning how to count rests in different time signatures.

The cellos have made good progress playing to tracks such as “Rain on the green grass”, “Trolls and Goblins”, and “Manhattan blues” to develop rhythmic skills as well as listening. (Not forgetting Jingle bells!). We’ve also been revising how to hold our bow as well as our posture and we’ve just started the introduction to using the 1st finger!

This term in the Penguins we have been working on developing our knowledge of different rhythms and how to read/play them. This piece also has rests in it so there’s lots to count when playing along!

Year 2 Showcase Video