Nursery – In Harmony

Hello – Squirrels

Every music session in nursery starts with the ‘Hello’ song. It’s a lovely warm-up song where the musician greets the children by name, getting to know them. This gives the children the feeling of value and partnership in the session.


What’s going to come out the bag – Squirrels

Used as a transition song from one activity to another, it keeps the children engaged. There is also the sense of anticipation and the children test their recall skills, trying to remember what came out of the bag last week.


Baby Dinosaur – Squirrels

This song is using a familiar tune and making a whole new song with different words. This encourages creativity and song writing. There are also actions and notable ‘moments’ in the song that children learn to anticipate, understanding the structure of the song/music.


Can’t Stop It Raining – Squirrels

This is a lovely song to finish a session with, bringing the children back to calm for the rest of their day (after the excitement of dancing and singing). Weather songs are always good for encouraging the children to consider the world around them.


Caterpillar – Hedgehogs

The children really enjoy the actions for this song, especially the wiggling! They learn anticipating and understanding song structure.