Gannin’ Alang the Wall

Gannin’ Alang the Wall is a new film, made locally as part of the Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Festival.  It brings to life the reality of the Roman occupation of Newcastle.  Light-hearted but historically accurate, the film follows the route of the Wall as it runs for 12 miles through today’s city, bringing it to life with scenes from present day Newcastle with its familiar shops, streets, stations and pubs.  It is enlivened by appearances from people from Roman times including cavalrymen, barbarian hordes and even a local god.



·        to show the actual route of Hadrian’s Wall as it passes through Newcastle

·        to raise questions about the impact of the Roman occupation on the existing population



This is a community production, made by local organisation St James’ Heritage & Environment Group with participation from almost 200 local residents including primary school children.



Approx 30 minutes


How to view it

The film can be accessed on the website of St James’ Heritage & Environment Group –

It is also available as a DVD – contact to request a free copy.